Wednesday, May 13, 2009

busy day indeed...

class was quite alright, forced myself to finish the space planning homework during class so i wont have to bring back so much work to do. project management assignment was a breeze, all thanks to weijie! :D

i realise more ppl are falling sick. jinghao is still not back in school, he has fever i think, and i dont know what else. but get well soon dude! and that johnson has friggggin pig flu and he still comes back to class though he has MC till tml. stupid johnson still cough infront of me. if jonathan and i really fall sick we'll claim medical fee from you. (: rest more people!

soooo, after class, ivan and jon accompanied me to mensa to kill time while waiting for the ever-late ben cheng to arrive and i had to buy food for him even! cus mensa's closing. looked through jon's IRDD and discovered ivan's an aspiring IRDD tcher. LOL. discussed bout more IRDD and it just makes me damn damn scared. the drawing scares shit out of me man.
soon, ben came and finished his food and we left for sportsclub meeting.

everything ended at like 1045pm!!! omggg, and we started at 7pm. agenda was about elections and the new FY. zzzzzz. and maincom retreat falls on friday-sat! its a camp. GUESS WHAT?!! fdm camp is on fri-sun. OMGGGG. clash. i have to run from engine school to alumni lounge on friday already. i hope i get super flying shoes -.-

everything's so fast-paced now. i need a getaway. im yearning for one. but i know i cant get it :( just browsed through dork&paddy's blog, and im soooooo wanting the same as what dork got. a movie at someone's house. how i wish i could dress as comfy as i can, soak up in a comfy place, curl my legs up, watch a nice entertaining movie with someone beside me and fall asleep in his arms afterwards. sometimes, simple things can be extremely heartwarming. especially to unwind and just forget about work temporarily. its the small caring gesture that means alot.

okay, time to snap back to reality now chye! its 150am already! and classes start at 8am tml(i mean later)! start getting down to work. tonight, i'll be doing my aircon graph deciphering and exercises. i have to like draw references on the graph and find out lots of shit based on this graph. and i have like ummmm more than 15 referrals to do?

there's some rehearsals tml after school. then i'll quickly go library and do my IRDD, 7pm go for meeting again. sighsighsigh. please end early, i wanna go home and complete my homework and i do not wish to become a panda.
or worse, fall ill. im coughing more every night! im going to kill johnson and myself for falling sick. UGH! >:[

my lovely graph to decipher.

deep down, i secretly hate school.

& i miss you loads.

life without you bymy side is unbearable