Thursday, May 14, 2009

when two lousy handphones meet, they cant hear each other clearly. haha, experienced that when calling johnson's hp. and that was said by jonathan, which is so true.
on the other hand, old handphones are good okay! they withstand force and breakages.

incident #1- johnson was behind jonathan while going in the lift at engine block. suddenly, jonathan pulls a brake and johnson bangs into him, thus resulting in his hp dropping out of his pocket, and lying a few centimeters away from the lift gap. LOL. and his hp still worked.
incident #2-i was on my way home and was texting vin. while typing halfway, i was so tired i fell asleep and my handphone slipped off and dropped on the floor. and it was still use-able. haha!
TADA! the advantages of using chapalang phones. but still,good phones are better.

today was pretty alright. tired though, slept at 3odd, woke up at 7, fell back to sleep again, re woke up at 745. when classes starts at 8am. then again, who goes at 8 for aircon, its absurd! nevertheless, i finished my aircon exercises, the deciphering of graphs! well, i finished like 4/5 of everything. ITS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

tonight, i shall be drawing IRDD space plannings. jon and i were discussing bout our modules for this sem. everything spells S-P-A-C-E-P-L-A-N-N-I-N-G. irksome batch.

hoho, had nominees meeting at alumni lounge tday @7pm. elections are starting, start getting your voters ppl! lucky we dont need, long story. but heng ah, dont need stress and worry bout getting voters. hahah! anw, their lounge looks awesome man! and super glad we got that room for our retreat on friday. so after fdm's night walk(which will end at 12midnight), i'll be going over for sportsclub maincom retreat planning, and we'll be working through the night on our goals, activities, memos, this and that. then 6am, i'll rush over to fdm side and go for briefing and all, and start the day there.

okay, time to do my drawings, its 130am. i want a massage! my shoulders are aching. :(((((
and my cough is getting worse:(


i miss someone damn badly.
i want a hug badly