Friday, May 01, 2009

today i shall talk about two things. two of the most important people in my life, but in this post, both of them are projecting different perspectives. Mother and Boyfriend.

you know i hate being compared. sometimes your words hurt me, and they make seem like im just an extra burden in your life. you always portray the image that my everything is nothing compared to brother's. since young, you always compared my studies with my special streamed cousin. as i gradually grow up, you compare everything that i have with brother. my behaviour, my friends, my activities, my dressing, my shoppings etc. you always want me to be the extra replica my goody-two-shoes brother, whom in your eyes is always the better child you had. good grades, doesn't go out often, introvert, dresses casually, doesn't spend much etc. i hate the thing that you always use. that i go poly and my friends are all bad company, while my brother goes to JC and his friends are all good company. who makes those kind of stereotyped judgement, its so fucking unfair. im always living in the shadow of my brother.
Who am i to be? why cant i just be myself? if you really detest me that much, i'd be more than glad to move out.

im so glad that you stepped into my life and made a difference to it. i should appreciate you more. friends around me told me that you're already very good and that im expecting alot more. maybe its just my personality to want more out of you. little did i know that i'd be changing you. i just want to say thank you for being with me throughout and for being understanding towards me. I love you, baby.

okay, talk about today. i spent my day working on homework, doing research. family didn't go out tday cus mom had a change of mind, and i was just stuck to my computer. and i managed to upload a huge chunk of pictures on photobucket:D i think its so much more convenient to copy the link and put it on bs. rathr than waiting for the picture uploader to load.
anyhows, tomorrow i should be able to go out! FINALLY! i need to breathe some fresh air! and im finally able to meet baby tml! :D yeahyeahyeah!

ohyes, did this test after being tagged by a friend of mine. haha, sounds pretty true eh baby?
Test: Love test
Here is the analysis:
When it comes to love, you take your time and do not fall in love easily.
You give 100% to your relationship and expect to receive 0% in return.
If there is a problem in your relationship, you are able to confront it in an optimistic way and full of hope. You want to work it out right away, all by yourself.
You need lots of reassurance in your relationship. You'd like to see your loved one every day, if possible.
You accept your loved one the way they are. You don't expect him or her to change for you.
When you love someone, you tend to stay in love for a long time.

family potrait 09

daddy and his proud horse painting purchase -.-
grannny and i!
granny and i (:
food for thought?
ecstatic as i may be, you never fail to make me tongue tied.

gleeeees heh hehmummy and i my "birthday" jelly fish
family:) daddy and me!
birthday jelly-o-fsh with family :)

hopefully i strike 4D after this. LOL my zodiac! horse(:
:B riverside hongbao?
pumpkins lantern bro, mom, me
i've never liked dolls
River Hongbao.

more pictures coming up....
on a lighter note, i'd like to say,