Thursday, June 04, 2009

hohoho! today i learnt more things from clique. HAHA! especially from johnson(!!!!)

project management was manageable(: considered i only had half a day to study. HAHA! know why? you seee, proj management exams is today(thurs) and security is on friday. but, on tuesday, i was studying all the way for security, thinking that tday's paper is security. LOL. then i met johnson & jon to study ytd and they told me it was proj management not security. HAHA! imagine i nv meet them, i go to exam venue tday and i SCREAM OUT LOUD when i see pmngt exams instead of security. i tell you, GG for me.

and now, im studying the right subject, security. haha. actually lucky i studied on tues alr, cus if i started tday, i wont have enough time to finish. now im only left with a few slides, that's why i can afford to slack :D

TOMORRRRRROWWWWW MARKS THE END OF TERM TESTS!!!!! how wonderful. after which, gonna head to town to meet baby :D im gonna get my things as a reward from baby :D :D :D looking forward to tomorrow.

i hate people who are overly concerned towards you when you barely even know them or want to even talk to them. and they think that they have the right to care about yr business because they like it, and they want to show that they CARE for you. dont be such a despo, asking for digits. it disgusts me. cant you see my display picture? it clearly shows a BOYFRIEND, in case my words doesn't get into yr head. ARGGGHHH. fuck off man, stop disturbing me!