Monday, June 08, 2009

So many things have happened lately. I don’t know where to start from.

Self reflection. Lately, I think I’ve been a failure. I make people upset and pissed off, im incapable, im lousy, I do the wrong thing at the wrong time and I don’t do the right time most of the time. Why am I like this? Why cant I just be a joy in people’s life and let them enjoy the time with me?

Things haven’t been going smoothly lately.
First, im not in TPSU subcom this year. Second, I always screw things up. Third, im always not doing the right thing. Fourth, I piss ppl off. Fifth, im handling lots of stress and I don’t have a proper sleeping time. Sixth, im a lousy person. Overall, I feel like killing myself for being such a lousy person. Sigh.

And I would like to apologise for the events/incidents that happened lately to those who are affected by it. Sorry, said with sincerity. And a painful, heartpain lesson learnt.
I will make it a point to note and ensure that nothing like this will happen again.