Wednesday, June 10, 2009

back from sports leader training camp.

super shag. mon stayover at pauline's house to do IRDD, tues-wed go for SLTC. its my first time i had camps, WITH lectures in it. haha. yeah, we had workshop classes in a training camp. lots of things in it, basically that's for 1st day. 2nd day(wed-today), we had to wake up at frigggggin 630AM!!!!! and we spent the entire night sleeping with cockroaches. encountered 5 cockroaches, live and dead ones, crawling around us at the sports com. WTFFFFFFF. xiangluan, randall and toshi started kicking and playing the cockroaches. GROSS! after a torturous night, we woke up friggggggin early, and we had dragon boat "training". ohgod, my eyes aren't even opened properly and we're all dragged to do stretchings and to reservoir. this time round we had to hoist the boat into the water. ughhhh, super heavy boat luhhh! my arms almost broke! rowed around the whole reservoir for some time den had competition. &&&& my team won! YEAH YEAH. my arms were aching aft the 2hr db session man!
workshop aft that, lunch, and ALP. adventure learning programme. i think alot of tp students dont know bout that. we have the high elements course in our school, behind the swimming pool. haha. yeah. so our afternoon was spent there. i was the first to do the high elements and what i call the "leap of faith". u stand on this balancing platform and u have to LEAP off and stretch forward to grab a bar. yupppp. pretty fun and i managed to grab it :D den did belaying. and various other elements stations.

hoho, we've got some cool arrangements coming up.hopefully everything turns out fine and FAST, and maybe maybe next time i will be living just beside the school, at the lecturers and international students hostel (:

im addicted to boys over flowers drama. every episode never fails to make me tear.

sigh. but when i stepped home, things weren't cheerful anymore. everything just went black,dull and hateful. i dont like things here. and i cant tell anyone.
i miss you alot alot alot alot alot baby