Friday, June 12, 2009

project for the whole day manxzxzx. my eyes were still half closed even when i reached school. zzzzz. did IRDD for the whole day. ohmygod, we're really lagging behind. and i haven't even started on my space planning drawings yet cus i've got no clue on where to start from =X

tomorrow. sports club first main committee meeting with advisors at 10am. then IRDD project until 3plus,4pm. then prepare and 430pm is CCA awards ceremony. zzzz i gotta bring my dress, heels,laptop and all to school tml.

saturday. morning go audition, then 1pm go for meeting in school with alumni. maybe going down IT fair to get my things. if not den sunday.

sigh, i still hate everthing back at home. i get all the trash and scoldings everytime. i hate it.
i really miss you.
i wanna lie in your arms
and know that things will be fine.