Friday, June 19, 2009

RISE AND SHINE! long time since i last updated my blog. wooooo, exactly 7days. i've ben real busy and hectic this hols. yeahhh.

okay lets see, i cant really rmbwhat happened over the past 7 days, but i'll just update u guys of
the more recent activities.

went clubbing. haha. ladies night yo. i swear it was the most fun night. we hopped clubs like nobody's business. first, we went phuture. friggggin long queue and saw somefamiliar faces. got our stamps and deposited our bags. then cabbed down to clarke quay. headed to zirca. lots of angmohs there. the bouncer damn funny i swear. there were like 3 angmoh guys infront of us. they looked legal, but actually they're not. the bouncer looked at their id and chased them away. the door bitch kept saying haha, underages loser, dont try here again. the bouncer walkie to the management and he said " note note, there's alot of angmoh underage donkeys" LOOOLLL!! i swear all of us burst out laughing non-stop. omg damn funny. fel and sandy got butterflies, cus they were not yet legal and they were using other ppl's id. surprisingly, the bouncer didn't really see their id closely and just letthem in. woah, local girls rocks man! :D went inside, queued up for our drinks. got lychee martini and vodka sth sth. we got tiredof queuing up so we gave our other drink coupons to other girls there. then we hopped off to attica!

zirca! sandy, me, fel, cindy

queue for attica quite short luhhh. then then then, i didn't bring my ic, only ezlink. the person didn't let me in. die also dont want. den i talked to the person lorrrr. like say this and that den later i dont go in my frens also wont go. etc etc. then the manager pointed at me and said " wah, so persistent. good, i like yr style. next time rmb bring ic ah" LOL, and i got in. hurhurhur. got in, got 4shots and 1 champagne. downed it with sandy. then i drank fel's share as well, cus she couldn't finish. met more ppl there. so after drinking, camwhoring, we cabbed off to zouk.

attica! leftpicture: me, ziwei,wenfeng, cindy, fel, sandy. right picture: same ppl- sandy. hahaah!

met paddy, jin xian and his fren and we went in tgt. paddy got zouk stamp only, cus she was too late and the ladies' queue was cut off already. see la, yr cca we accompanied her for awhile in zouk. ziwei, wenfeng, sandy all puked meantime. haha. sandy was like very bad. next time cannot down with her. =/ after we left paddy, went over to phuture and clubbed. i swear there's lots of ppl there.i was just standing still, so many pplpushing around me, even stepped on me in heels. wtffffff. and i saw even more familiar faces there. i always see that retarded douglas face everywhere. stupid boy. i must make fun of him when i see him in sch. haha. clubbed till 4am. cindy told me sth funny bout the guys behind me after club. LOL. heng i hugged my fren. haha.

left picture: outside zouk! paddy, me, jacq, cindy. right picture: OHUTURE DANCEFLOOR. cui faces. hahah!

cabbed down to fel's house with cindy. i got really hungry and we went mac drive thru. THIS IS THE HILARIOUS PART. it wasmy first time doing drive thru. so we were outside the intercom, and i waited.
fel: eh chye wad u doing?
me: huh? wad? nth wad
fel: talk into the intercom laaaa
me: orhhh. i thought the person will talk first
me: helloooo.
mac: yes can i help u?
me: i want one filletofish mea, upsize, icelemon tea
fel: eh eh i also want, lessice
me: ehhhh one more filletofish meal, coke, LESS ICE.
me: eh eh eh meme, one more, one sausage mcmuffin with egg meal, ice milo no ice
person: *repeats order*
person: okay. any sauce for u?
me: chilli, ketchup, pepper, mayo
person: *repeats order* coke with more ice right
person: okay okay.
me: errrr. can i go now?
person: yes yes, go to the black window.
me: orhhhhh.
fel: eh chye! u dontknow how to order through drive thru huh?
me: nope! my first time. hahaha
cindy: hahaha.
then the person gave us everything and laughed at us. okay, off to fel's house. cab fare just nice 30bucks, 10bucks midnight charge. fcuking broke. ate mac in her room at5am plus, wanted to watch gossip girl and go swim/sauna/jacuzzi at 7am. but aft i atemy mac, i fell asleep. HAHAHA.when i woke up, everyone was asleep. rewoke up again at 9plus. cindy waslike ehhh, u pangseh. u sleep first den we nv go swim and watch gossip girl. haha, whooops, sorry laaa. if i nv sleep, i dont need do proj alr.

bathed and all. leftfel's house at 9plus, headed to school meet the guys do space planning proj. proj was quite successful, i managed to finish all my5sketches in 3hours time. muhahha. johnson helpedwith 1 sketch also la. finished at 6. went off to baby's house. supposedly go watch movie. but that idiot got rashes all over him, must be the food from the wedding dinner on wed. so we stayed at home instead. accompanied him to clinic downstairs and got dinner. left ard 10pm.
cabbed over to pauline's house to collect my laptop and the stupid books for reference. parents waited for me opp sch. damnit. so i carried 1 laptop, 5 thick hardcover books, 1 adapter and walked from st82 to school. when i put my books down in the car, my arms and hands couldn't feel a thing already. and they're still aching and in pain now. UGHHHH.
home bound. slept immediately.

sports club meeting at 2pm. think gonna drag till evening. then going off to bday pool party. sametime, another of my fren is having bday celebration in town today and he asked me to go. omggg, how to split myself. maybe i'll pop by and wish him, catch up awhile with frens and leave for sentosa. ohgod, so rush. actually tonight gonna ton with pool party gang. aft cafe del mar closes, we're going to the beach and drink somemore and play. but but but, tomorrow i've got fashion show so i cant ton already. later my face cui. so im heading back to baby's house aft party.

gonna report at raffles town club at 9am for catwalk rehearsals etc etc. then fashion show in the aftnoon,evening. maybe maybe aft that i'll head down sentosa for the beach party. cant ps my girls. but seeeee how laaaa. maybe too tired.

piano in the morning. space planning the whole day. no father's day celebration. awwww, sorry dad.

okay, gonna bathe and prepare now. laterlate for meeting still need to pay. zzzz. bye everyone! pictures up sometime soon. when im less busy and when i get it. haha.