Monday, June 22, 2009

stupid mosquito bite is making me itch like hell! fcuk.

updatesssss. drank more over the weekend. had belated bday celebration and advanced bday celebration for dom and mel tan. drank by the beach. since i was leaving early they made me drink moreeeeee. alot more. -.-

met baby and friends at zouk. 2nd time in the week i went zouk. met his friend, ashley. she has like lots of contacts i swear. went bar to drink, then into phuture to club with baby, while ashley went to find her rich older friends. haha. met her outside for smoke etc etc etc. then drank with her friends. their bottles are free man. some uncle idk his name passed me drinks cus i was ashley's new friend -.- errrr, okayyy. he wanted to play 5-10 drinking game with me. haha. left around 2plus with baby. that was indeed an interesting experience, being with the rich people manxzxz.

had fashion show the next day(20th june) at raffles town club. reached there at 930am can! had serious lack of sleep due to club the previous night. met the girls, got to know my model partner. did dry run, rehearsals, full dress, and the real show :D wooooo! it was a blast. it was damn fun i swear. we were like running here and there behind back stage, and up down the lift to business centre to do our hair and make up after every catwalk and change of outfits. heh heh! super duper fun. and the girls were awesome! and i found a new clubbing mate. my retarded unglam clovie who asks me to smoke at every random time. haha, love you still(: i realised all my clubbing mates smoke. LOL. we weren't expecting like alot alot ppl to come. but when we peeked out, WOAH, the runway stage was CRAMPED totally!! awesomeeeeness! :DDDD aft the whole fashion show, we walked around, showcasing clothes. and we ate from the guests buffet line as well. HAHAH! damn unglam
left at 5sharp, changed out, met sharon. headed down to sentosa for a short while and trained home aft that.

sunday had piano class. stayed at home, cause family had some issues to settle at uncle's place. my relateives came from indo. blah blah.. baby had father's day dinner, not fair! i was stuck at home. jon and johnson came over to pass me space planning and teach me abit. and then i spent the rest of the day watching boys over flowers and cried a towel worth of tears. LOL. im serious.

todayyyy. first day of school.. somehow it doesn't feel like school. i dont connect with the school feel. and i keep getting picked out of the thermal temperature taking queue cause my head and neck shows red. -.- ughhh, so annoying, my temp is jsut slightly higher than normal ppl mahhhh. in the end also nothing wrong. douglas told me sth scary, bout the clubs i've been to recently. shitttt man, hopefully im safe. met baby today for lunch at bizpark(: makes my day. but didn't further make my day even more cause baby didn't walk me back to eng school. haha. in the end, the gym also closed. booooo you! lol. class as usual. found out that didn't have to go meeting tday cus not compulsory, so went home aft that.

i pray for a change

a change in attitude and bad characteristics

towards family and boyfriend

i pray for everything to be better in the future