Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2nd day of school. got back results.
space planning: 64/100 actually i got 72 lor! but dont know why our entire clique minus 12 marks, except for ruixing who minus 9 only. -.-
project management: 40/50 stupid ruixing, weijie and johnson, they checked our results for us and lied to jon and i that we failed. they told me i got 15/50. im like WTHHHHH! die die die, i play so much meh?
haha! in the end, i passed with flying colours. WOOOHOOO! damn happy. i still can play! muhahaha. but baby told me to settle down already since school start alr. so no clubbing for me tomorrow, though i've been asked by some people to go. zzzzzz. its school time and i shall be a nerd. my dream GPA as promised with baby! lets go! :D

shall head to bed now. class at 8am tml. goooodnightyyy everyone! :)
love baby more than anything.