Wednesday, June 24, 2009

damnit. mr aircon teacher has become more strict in attendance on wed morning class man! i was late for his class. i was on bus at 8am, when his classes starts at 8. HAHA! last time no problem lorrrr. zzzz. so he marked me absent already. wth, and apel's cancelled cus mr cheng's quarentined. so im going school for what? jap tut? and get a warning letter for aircon sub? no way, so i went to polyclinic to buy mc. heh. wah, damn strict inside. thermal sensors, diff counters to register, masks everywhere. waited for frigggggin 2hrs to get to my turn and i fell asleep. gave the same old reason and im done! went to school.
nth to do, so went to swim. started drizzling, but it didn't dampen my swimming mood. talked to uncle sng, haha, he said he damn long nv see me. saw pearlan, denise, wendy and suhui at pool. swam my laps, then played with them and i taught them how to swim, float and somersault in water. wooohoo. pearlan must be hating me, cus i made her swim out to the deeper part. and i swear, when she struggles, she just pushes you down into the water and u just drink lots and lots of water and pray hard u get to the surface to breathe before u pass out. LOL. that happened to denise and i. pearlan should pay us swimming tutor fees man. HAHA!

didn't go for jap, since i got an mc already. besides, juwita's not going, and she's my only talking friend in jap. met baby and went out. went mariott for lunch buffet and movie afterwards. jap tutor called me -.- scare me.

photos to upload:
1) clubbing hopping on ladies night
2) jinghao's bday (long overdued!)
3) something else but i forgot what

4) family chalet
5) camwhoring with ABC clique
6) swim sess with dork
7) pubbing sess with shah and tpsu co

if you want something, you gotta work hard for it.
i want a happy ever after for us, so i gotta work hard to maintain our relationship. that means putting him before me and putting myself into his shoes. i believe everything will pick up soon and i hope i dont screw anything up anymore. i treasure you baby.