Friday, June 26, 2009

one word to sum it all.


met baby in the morning-cum-afternoon at his place. pig was still sleeping when i reached. haha. slack, watch boys over flowers (-.-), had lunch, left at 345pm. baby went driving and i went school. went club room to prepare for our AGM dry run. the subcoms damn funny. randall and i went to draw tables and chairs at sports com. then the uncle placed them on the trolley in a way someone needs to hold the chair so that everything wont topple. so i sat ontop of the 6 chairs. woooosh! i felt like a queeeeen man! then the 2 subcoms push me. HAHA! and randall open road for me. HAHAHA! damn fun, i kept laughing. had dry run at 6plus, brief subcoms on what to do tml, did a dry run, ended at 10plus.

and im doing my irdd projectttttt. damn tired. its 3am. wooohoo, tml class at 8am. wtf. and im bringing lots of barang barang to school. 3 pairs of shoes, 1 jumper, 1 elmo tee, JUST FOR SPORTS CLUB AGM. hahaa!

after AGM tml im going over to chalet. then sat got seventeen summer challenge at east coast park, going with sharooooonn! :D heh heh, kayak soon alright! :D :D :D
whoookay im going to hit the sack pretty soon, and wake up damn bloody early to pack my overloading bag. HAHA! gooodnight everyone! :B

ohyes! baby just influenced me with a nice video, by BIG BANG, called haru haru. & im gonna share it with you guys now :D

&&& i think im having gastrics now -.-
bye world