Monday, June 29, 2009

today was a funny day man! got a message containing impt info, and clique immediately jump up, covered their faces with their tshirts and declared JASMINE GOT XXXXXX. haha! can see ppl start getting paranoid, but clique wasn't. still can lunch with them. haha.
applied for 7days loa. stupid eng GO woman dammmn annoying! she called me and this what she said

she: hello is this jasmine
me: yes speaking.
she: im calling from eng GO. is yr name jasmine chye only?
me: no, jasmine chye li ting
she: okay, what is yr IC no? cause i cant find yr record.
me: huh? i arleady wrote it on the paper what. 9100xxxx
she: yes, but i cant find yr record. i type yr ic but i found no record
me: how can that be
she: can u give me yr admin number? so old already, still cannot rmb yr own ic number
me: HUH! eh its correct lor, how can i not know my own ic no
she: ya, but i cant find it.
me: 0801xxxx my admin no
she: okay, im looking through now. oh i know why i cant find yr record. cause i never type the S.
me: yaaaa, you have to what.
she: -silence- okay. thank you. yr cp might contact u again later
me: ya ok. bye.

wtf! ownself never type properly come scold me. make me look like some fool who doesn't know my own ic no. idiot laaaa.
went changi general hospital later in the evening, but cant get tested cus they dont provide the service. must go poly clinic or private hospital. so tml before school, i'll go poly clinic. see if the doc wants to give me mc anot. if he doesn't give me mc, then i'll be going back to school! MUHAHA! suay suay i got it, den too bad, not my fault. the school dont approve of my loa, and doc doesn't give me mc. oh wells! hahah!
fyi, till now, there are 2 guys who are confirmed cases, and 2 suspected cases. haha! all the best to everyone yo!