Monday, June 01, 2009

omfg. i just wasted my time running to school to print my security lec5! wtffff. its not tested at all. urggghhh! knnccb!! waste my precious time. but on a lighter note, i have only 3 chaps to study for security & surveillance. phew.

whookay! enough IRDD, time to move on to security, or else i wont finish on time. still got a whole lot to study/memorise for project management. i plan to study pmng on wed tgt with security. think i'll head down to mom's office on wed, so i wont slack at home. haha.
and and and, im at mom's office now :D im such a good girl, i stuided for IRDD. later gonna head down t sim lim to upgrade my lappyyyy den dinner with whole family :D yay! finally! then i can have enough ram to play pokemon and L4D on my laptop. haha!
yes baby! if u're reading this, you're not reading the wrong things. L4D! for yr sake. im learning how to play. my fren's gonna send me the game. hopefully i'll learn how to play. quite exciting huh, playing L4D on laptop. haha. i've never played this kind of games before mannnnnn! LOL.

ohyes, and im gonna dl movies and watch them on my lapppppy as well. muhahaa! coming IT fair, im gonna get 3 things.
1) camera
2) MP3
3) portable external hard disk (though i have one, but i want the portable one. mine's not portable and its huge -.-)

okay, time to get back to study.
now the lecture notes dominate my world... i want to watch harry potter! HAHA! i know its really random(:

photos to upload:
1) dork's bday pics (damn long ago)
2) fdm camp (suqin haven't send me yet!)
3) family chalet
4) abc camwhore
5) swim sess with dork
6) baby!
7) dinner and dance (its damn alot and long due. LOL)
8) pubbing session with shah and tpsu peeps

travel with you<3