Saturday, May 30, 2009

hohoho! im back homeeeee.

my piano performance wasn'tfully without mistakes. haha. i made mistakes. HEH. rushed here and there laaa, and mydadwas my chaueffer :D thanks! baby had headache so he missed my performance. but met him at ps at 4 odd. had ajisen for my lunch-cum-dinner. went outside to watch the dance competition... den he went to find raazmy and we went off to SMU for K.O night. omggg, i swear my toes and butt were all numb from 3hours plus of sitting??? hurhur. but the dance was awesome :D i cant wait to start my dance class :DDDD
aft KO night, baby went out with raazmy and sent me to train station first.

hols are still ever so packed.. and ppl are asking me out, but i cant, cus i've got killer project
:(((( im sorrrry.
heh, i just watched so many dance mv videos on youuutubeeee. kinda addicted. muhaha. cannotcannot, later i nv study.
im sooo looking forward to 5june :D finallly i can get my movie and day out with baby. haven't been able to do so, due to term tests in the way.

okay,tomorrow IM STAYING AT HOME THE WHOLE DAY TO STUDY IRDD!!! haha. im serious. no joke. okay, i shall turn in now. the earliest i've ever done so, its 1130pm! goooooodnight everyone(: