Friday, May 29, 2009

short post.
IRDD requires lots of things! video tour on our Integrated Resort, powerpoint presentation, Photo album (rendered pics of our 3D resort printed in colour min A2 size), a model of our resort(styrofoam those kind). yeah. all these done by the end of term break?!!!!!! WTHHHH! with FLSM, space planning, apel project, it is IMPOSSIBLE that we can complete everything.
i hope mr wong reads my email and takes pity on us and give us a longer proj doing period. :/
my group's like all set to camp over at someone's house during the hols to complete our proj. and i need to upgrade my laptop! so it'll be faster and has more memory space mannnn! but everytime i come home, its past 5. acer hotline closes at 5pm. ughhh, loserrrss.

for once, i hope the holidays never come :/
off to study. tomorrow's piano performance and K.O night. and im going home aft K.O night with baby..... need to study man! term tests are so fast this year! NOT FAIRRRRRR.
bye world. im going to have more outbreaks from burning midnight oil man!
gotta wakeup at 6am tml man! sheeesh.
nights all