Thursday, May 28, 2009

& so, life's like this.

FLSM today, i wasn't early nor late. improved punctuality indeed! :D typed out what is needed for my part in FLSM project. our drawings are acceptable. tomorrow's the due date, lucky dont need to burn midnight oil. :)

IRDD was informational. haha. i wanted to ask mr wong a qns bout the resorts destination being secluded and all. but i never raised my hand. HAHA. i still have that question in mind. -.- hopefully the next time i see him, i wont forget my qns. (but i think i will. i've got stm)
ohyes, i wanna say i've got LUCKY HANDS today! muahhaha! all the group leaders of our irdd project had to come up and draw lots on the location whereby you have to build your IR on. and and and! my lucky hands got me ISLAND!!! yay!!!!! i was so happy i kept jumping around. lake and island are the two easiest locations. pity those ppl who got mountain top, cliffs, forest, desert etc. heh, cant help but secretly snigger. heh heh heh. this will definitely make our job easier. but then again, IRDD is never easy. i cant draw resorts for nuts sake. zzzzz. june hols will be spent on space planning and IRDD project, which means more stayover and burning of laptops. june hols=no hols man! :( how saddening is an FDM student's life man!

tomorrow school ends at 11! cause there'sno security and surveillance lec gonna study in school, den go for tpsu subcom interview at 4pm (last yr subcoms also have to go this year for interview), then go back lib study, and sports club main com meeting with paulcheong at 6pm. last min inform meeeeeee. zzzzzz.

pictures i owe:
1) dork's bday pics (damn long ago)
2) fdm camp (suqin haven't send me yet!)
3) family chalet
4) abc camwhore
5) swim sess with dork
6) baby!
7) dinner and dance (its damn alot and long due. LOL)

i shall upload them when i get the time. which means after term test.
i miss baby! haven't seen him in ages.... but i gotta study first.
whookay, time to study now. toodles.