Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i was marked absent today. bloodyhell. 2 more chances. high possibility i'll use them up. who the hell is punctual for 8am aircon tut on wed man! ohwells, i'll try to be on time the next time. my goal of this sem: NOT TO GET ANY WARNING LETTER.

soooo for the whole of last night(until 340am) and today, i was doing apelllll. cus we had presentation today. lucky i was able to finish the ppt slides in time for presentation. then, prepared for jap presentation. printed my stuff etc etc. went for jap, dozed off while other ppl presented. but i think i did pretty well for my presentation. met cool buddy and vin at hougang to plan things. had a sudden urge to pluck my brows. haha! and i had a massage as well. LOL. oooh, i gotta start eating healthily and swim more often. haha.
went home afterwards.

cool buddy doesn't want to send me pokemon game online. he says he'll send it to me after my exams, so i wont play during study time. :((((( but i want my pokemon now! and im so gonna play sims and worms after exams! muhahahaha!

okay! im going to study now. first paper, IRDD! and i still cant print my topic 1. something's wrong with myblack ink. it says full bar, but no black ink is coming out. annoying bitch.