Wednesday, May 27, 2009

im really sorry still.

swim sess with dork was fun! well, except for the uncle part. met dork at her house void deck, and we walked over to the pool. swam 10 laps! horray! hopefully i did shed some fats. Lol. played the slildes afterwards. haha, damn scary laaaa! it was super fast and my tailbone plus butt hurt quite a fair bit. haha. some parts during the slides was hilarious, but i shan't go into details. haha. went to jacuzzi and there was this uncle in the middle of both of us and he didn't want to move and let us be tgt. so we talked across, but behind him. and mind you, the aunties beside me were YAKKING away!
so dork and i talked bout lunch later and stuff, then that uncle in the middle of us, turned towards me, pursed his mouth and went SHHH, and he turned back again. WTFFFF. actually his face was really comical. haha! but seriously, what is his problem! the aunties were yakking away beside him, even before i came inside, and this is A FRIGGIN PUBLIC POOL! if you want silence, you can go to your personal jacuzzi. oh im so sorry, you dont own one so you have to hog that specific jacuzzi jet and tell youngsters off for talking. wtf is your problem. i wanted to talk back to him, but on second thoughts, nahhh, didn't want to ruin my day.
OHYES, GUESS WHAT DORK! when i was on the bus tday, the bus passed by sengkang, and i saw that friggggggin SHHHHING UNCLE!!! and he kept staring at me. quite easy to recognise him, cause of his fcuked up face and specs. and u know what? he's a construction worker! was carrying helmet and in boots and all. NO WONDER HE HAD TO HOG THAT SPACE AND SHH PPL OFFF. ARGHH.
nvm, next time we shall go to our private pool, jacuzzi and sauna and talk in our own world while camwhoring(: looking forward to that! hook me up soon yeah?
heh, after bathing, we headed to compass,lunched at pizza hut and talked, not forgetting camwhoring! :D pictures up soon! walked around compass, bought some stuff from popular and transferred money. then dork left for piano and i left for schoooool.

SPACE PLANNING BOMBED US RIGHT IN THE FIRST LESSON. we got our project already and its 35%!!! wtffffff. split into groups of 3, we have to draw 6/7 floor plans of your various theme/rooms/outlet (e.g. chariman office, spa, pub, director's room, kitchen etc etc).
-do research on area size and object dimensions for your various theme/room/outlet
-draw floor plan for each of your 6/7 rooms, clearing stating where each individual object is to be placed, and drawn to scale.
-aft drawing floor plans, have to calculate the total floor area needed and draw up criteria matrix etc
-draw relationship diagram for all the 20 themes
-then draw block diagrams, showing the floor plan for all 5 storeys and inclusive of all 20 themes inside, stating which outlet is at which level.
ALL THESE TO BE COMPLETED AFTER TERM BREAK. omfg! after that will be doing 3D modelling with Revit, drawing your 6/7 outlets with everything you named in the floor plan inside. KILL ME PLEASEEEEEEE. i suck at Revit, i had a hard time doing HCDE, just drawing plain chairs and tables. now got like soooo many more versions of things to draw and model out. wtffffff. im gonna die a horrible death if i dont get Revit installed somewhere soon.

term test is coming. makes everything worse!

okay, time to do my work now. things to complete by tonight:
1) apel presentation for tml
2) jap research and prepare for presentation tml
3) project management tut ans
4) FLSM annex C
& its 1.45am now. school starts at 8am tml. wish me luck!

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ABC clique(:
more to come!!! stay tuned. :D

and i really need you
by my side.
just looking at you
will bring my troubles away
for you promise me
a better day ahead.