Monday, May 25, 2009

monday blues.

lots of assignment :( and term tests are approaching. ohnoooo! stress levels are UP UP UP again. dont likeeeeee. but i gotta study hard hard hard! promised B(: just found out tday that there's lots to do for FLSM proj. friggggin can die! use autocads again! omfgggggg. and i have to type a whole of what 6pages of the annex C? gosh.

hopefully tomorrow's a better day. going to tan and swim with dork at sengkang's pool before school.yay! then she has piano at 1 and i've got school at 2. after school, gonna meet glenda to check out my dance fees and course info. then, head home early to do proj.
wed's jap presentation! i've got lots to do! research on my topic, organise & type speech, write them on Qcards, memorise some, gather pictures, print them out. GOSH.

okay, im going to start on my research soon, and start typing the load of words for FLSM.
i wonder what time am i going to turn in... zzzz.

my days seem to pass so slowly
without you by my side/by the phone with me.
a lousy person i am
always making ppl unhappy
why cant i just be a joy?