Sunday, May 24, 2009

hi-ho! im back from chalet. spent saturday and sunday at family chalet.

chalet was quite fun! considering we cousins and relatives dont spend much time tgt. yup, had bbq, redwine, games, arcade at wee hours etc. caught up with cousins :) cant rmb what's the details, but it was a memorable experience.
and today morning, all of us headed down to escape theme park, cause there was free tickets that came from the booking of chalet. so yeah we went down. the last time i went it was like 5years ago? LOL. still quite the same. the go-kart ppl in charge damn annoying. he bluffed me that we had to purhcase coupons to go 2nd time and cousins and myself really believed it. then he said he was just kidding. -.- and he told me the other guy incharge tgt with him is also from TP as well (cause i was wearing tp's "i support" shirt). kay, escape's rather boring... went back chalet after lunch, bathed, and left at 4pm. had piano class at 430, prepared for my performance the coming sat.

mom said she might not be able to make it for my performance, cause parents are bringing grandma out, so 3plus they might be out with her alr.yeahhh, ohwells. nvm. i told her i informed baby of my performance but its up to him if he wants to come and that we're going out after that. she said "wahh! u ask him come watch ah, later u play wrong very paiseh den he laugh at u." -.- funny mom. okay now im feeling kinda scared, cause i have a strong feeling i'll play wrong notes.. sighhhh. my fingers are damn pain from the practicing :(

i wanna go the new sengkang pool with dorcas neo! haha, i haven't been there ever since it opened and since dork stays somehow near there, we shall go there one day. paddygoh, u're welcome to come as well! but i doubt you'll go... zzzz.

life seems so boring without the one.
harper's island coming soon! gonna tune in to tv and head off to bed early. im damn tired.

p.s. ruixing has caught the camwhoring bug from jon and myself. soon it'll be johnson's turn! heh heh. pictures up soon, after i've uploaded them on pb. :) stay tuned.

a piece seems to be missing from my heart.
blame it on no one
but yourself,
for being so lousy.