Saturday, May 23, 2009

i squashed lots of flies today.

i dont know why but there's so many flies today. whilst practicing the piano, more than 10 flies flew ontop of my score. super annoying! im damn scared for my performance. i doubt i'll put up a good one, until now i still cant get past a certain section in the song and i always play wrongly there. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

today, security quiz was a flunk, i totally didn't know anything. lucky 5% only. okay, must score well for main exams. zzzzz! went out with monkeys aft that. haha. watched night at the museum2 at amk! but before that we had lunch at macs, and we camwhored like siaooooo. it started out with jonathan and i only, den ruixing wanted to be a camwhore pro, so he joined. and we pulled johnson in as well and made that ahpek take pictures. butbutbut, weijie still doesn't like to be pictured. haha. so most of our photos dont have his face in it =/
movie was fine, quite funny. but all of us fell asleep at different parts of the movie. we were too tired, the chair was too comfy, the aircon was too cold. haha.

went to meet mel aft NATM2. zzzz. lala. went home. logged on com, practiced piano and bathe, damn late. and i cant do my project, cus my eyes are closing. okay, time for bed.
nights everyone.
sometimes, its the subtle details
that make you beautifully imperfect