Thursday, May 21, 2009

my neck is not any better. still as stiff and pain, in fact its worse than last night :( and i cant turn my neck fully -.-

FLSM in the morning, nothing much. then had IRDD. omgggg. it was the scariest moment of my life. hahaha! i drafted out a script to prepare me on what to say during my presentation of my IR. i said overview, hotel name, theme, reception, hotel room/rates/styles etc, resort villa, beach party area, abit on shopping mall. and mr wong asked me to put down my paper and elaborate on my casino and club. ITS LIKE OMG! i didn't plan to elaborate on that can! i didn't even draft out script for that. i thought he wont ask. so like on the spot i just anyhow bomb lor. haha. but casino games i did do research. but the club i totally never do any research. just based on my experience in clubs and all and i just present lor. wahlau, i thought i'd fail, cause totally caught off guard. but mr wong was very nice! haha, he said i'd do very well, if i dont hold script, and he gave me 18/20 for my presentation. though my drawing was awful. HAHA. he said i need a designer if i want to build IR. my drawing cmi. HAHA, and i know that myself. -.-
phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. wah wah wah i was damn damn scared laaaa. now i learn something, always prepare for the unexpected and leave no stones unturned. *sigh of relief!*
thanks baby for everything (:

went off for sports club meeting and all. turn out was not bad :) brought the subcoms through what they're gonna expect for the whole FY, the activities and all. and the biggest event of all, BONKERS, managed by xiangluan and myself. we're the in charges for this event. its gonna be held next year, but plannings are starting aft term test. gotta get sponsorships and all. goshhhh, i hope i can speak well and persuade ppl man! someone with divine skills of speaking, please pass some to me.... haha.

june is going to be a super busy month. i haven't even add in project meetings, my june looks kinda filled up already. -.- tentatively, there's parties, camps, chalets, club and probably some work here and there! hohoho. how nice.
i wanna go my IR u know, The Ultimate Getaway. i actually got the inspiration from my own life. like how i always wanted to have a getaway, from the busy life i have and just relax. haha! fancy having a creation out of my own life. how funny.

whoookay! i shall go bathe and study for security and surveillance quiz tomorrow. nights everyone(:
ice skating baby!!! wooohooo! and more peeeekturessss! :D