Thursday, May 21, 2009

i've got severe neck and shoulder cramp! i cant turn my head properly and its darn painful >:[

took some photos with baby, cause today is his graduation ceremony. haha, the gown and all, soon it'll be my turn. but baby urged me to treasure my time at tp while i can, and study hard so i can get into a local uni, and we'll go sch locally tgt (just that his is local private). haha. okay, i will work hard. GPA of 3.5 is *stares into space wondering if im daydreaming* hurhur. if im able to do so, i think i should get some superwoman award ahhhh. haha! juggle so many things and yet get a good gpa. omg, i'll be the happiest person alive. nvm, i'll just keep this vision in mind and use it to spur me on to study when i dont feel like. goddddddd. i hope im not dying soon. LOL.

i hate jap u know. i suck at pronouncing those words and i sound like a retard. and there's this annoying guy in class... zzzzz! super hate him but he alwys seem to be around me. *signals to juwita fantically*

lovely day spent overall though :)
ahhhhhhh!!!! sooo many things on hand to do.
2) jap research
3) study security & surveillance
4) type proj management tut ans
5) mass sms sports club subcom of tml's meeting changed venue and get reply
6) fit in meetings for bonkers team meeting with alumni ppl
7) practice piano
omfg omfg omfg. ruixing said i kept dozing off in class, which is soooo true. haha. i think im gonna sleep before 2am today. i BETTER!

tomorrow's sports club meeting and main com photo shooting after school. then i'll come home and study. hopefully i get home soon, right after meeting.
kay, back to IRDD and im off to bed. my IRDD better pay off. ihope i'll do a good presentation if i am. *crosses fingers*

my stomach's growling like a bitch and baby just KO-ed after helping me with my research. haha. thanks love(: