Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*laughter fills the space*

today was a super funny and laughter filled day. had space planning assignment. johnson and ruixing tried slotting my bangle onto their hands. ruixing got it in and out perfectly. johnson had trouble getting it out and it was damn hilarious! :B then proj management was a bore, but i did my work. heh. after class went to put our bags at business LT for jap lec, and went off for fooood. jon spotted the ad outside cheers window "buy 2 cornetto icecream and get a free frisbee". and so we marched into cheers and got ice cream. LOL. went bizpark to get food and i ate my icecream. had jap lecture, after that we played frisbee outside cheers -.- damn lame but dmn fun. then johnson and ruixing went to buy another 2 cones and we got another frisbee! so now our fav pasttime is frisbeeeeee! we had 3 frisbees cause the aunty gave jon and i 2 frisbees without knowing. as we walked out of school, we passed by the bridge connecting lib and des sch. we got this crazy idea to throw frisbee on the bridge, see if it would fly down. indeed it flew, and we started our crazy frisbee playing session with ruixing and jon downstairs throwing frisbee up and johnson, kokpern and myself catching frisbee up on the bridge. I SWEAR ITS DAMN FUN! we(on the bridge) were trying our very best to catch the frisbee that they threw up and not fall down at the same time, or we would slide on the floor to catch it before the frisbee dropped through the gap between the glass and the flooring. i tell u the scene was damn funny. i think you guys wont get wad im saying cause its pretty hard to visualise. you gotta be there to enjoy it.
from now on, our fav pasttime is frisbee, and jon's gna bring our frisbee to sch eveyday and we'll play during class until we get bored of it. ohyes, and we'll go sentosa one day to play bigger frisbee and play with gigi as well! fyi gigi's jon's dog. johnson reckons its a pig, but i dont think so! though i've never seen it. haha!
homebound with jon and johnson. the guys love to talk cock alot. its a pretty nice and funny day tday. i like(:

im such a good girl u know! i did my IRDD speech. omg, im so proud of myself. hahah! i wrote down a niceeeee speech, but its only half done. i got baby to help me with some of the research. heh! thanks love! :D yeah man, by thursday, im going t be ever ready to present, if im being called out.
okay, more things to do now. im sports club new main com, tgt with 13 others(: and im the assistant marketing manager. gotta find a time for meeting with jamie & xiangluan to discuss bout sponserships for our activity and sports club shirt. omg, soon i'll have to talk to the people behind famous sports brands to get sponsership. im so scareeeeeddddd...

i've got 2 organisers! one for homework/school work/ project. and the other is for my activities like outings, party, work, going out and everything and etc. i feel so organised. haha. i like :D
i cant wait for the hols to come! party! fun! stayovers! dance! :D :D :D :D :D

okay, shall head to bed. gotta wake up at 550 tml. i've decided not to go 1hour late to class tml. haha! and i've persuaded the monkeys to do likewise. so we shall all meet at busstop at 715.though we will be late, but its not as late as coming at 9am, when class stars at 8am.
tomorrow's baby'graduation day and we're going out after that. :D gonna pick clothes. hahaa! goodnight everyone!

p.s. ruixing's gonna get robbed by me tonight. LOL.