Tuesday, May 19, 2009

spent the weekend over at fdm camp. was pretty fun(: with the 4 monkeys with me. being tagger with weijie was quite fun. haha. yes, u heard it. stupid weijie. hahaa. first day we had ice breaking, then night walk. omg, i swear night walk scares the shit out of me. i keep getting scared by the monkeys who were working with me for night walk. damn funny. but we sure had lots of fun yeah! hahaha! during night walk, we experienced many things. the funniest was still ivan's turn to walk. ruixing, johnson and i were at the back of the night walk. when we heard him bang open the door and shouted his "speech" we sprang up and laughed to ourselves, saying this one MUST MUST SCARE. hahaha! damn funny luhhh!

left at 1245am? walked over to dance studio for sports club main com retreat. discussed our events for the entire FY, had teambonding etc. emo stuff. by the time we were done, it was like umm 440am? randall, waiyin and gabriel walked me over to mushroom and waited with me till ruixing and co came back from opp school, tabao-ing food for me. after eating, went to bathe, and had a short talk with ruixing while waiting for my hair to dry. talked for bout 40min and it was 630am already. went to report for FAs briefing and we started the 2nd day of camp.

dily daly and all. started amazing race at 8plus. the whole race was pretty interesting and fun. BUT! the travel fares were !#^&*&^%$#!$% i shall share with u our travel pitstops. TP(mushroom), giant, ikea, white sands, airport T3, cityhall, fort canning park, marina barrage, novena, bugis, tamp central, TP engine school, sports com. some of the station games were like -.- waste of time, some damn pissing ppl off, some fun, some interesting, some no comments. HAHA. but still quite okay la.
variety night aft amazing race. jon,john,ivan, weijie and myself had helluva fun playing and goofing around on the stage when no one was there. playing our own music and dancing.LOL. pity suqin and ruixing weren't around. one felt sick, the other idk wad, no mood or sth. calvin was super funny! i think he's really good at these kind of things :) gave anqi, sarah and macus a bday surprise. thanks wj,jon,john for accompanying me sitting at the stairs and being my bodyguard cum escorts. LOL.
okay, nothing much after that for the rest of the camp -.-

today mdm boey told us she postpone our space planning assignment to tomorrow, cause we all damn tired from the camp. LOL. so tml's space planning assignment (technically its today). and i friggin wasted money on cab again. !!!!!!!!!!!! everytime like that. lunched with monkeys at bizpark,went to print my notes, went class. after school, went for piano lesson.
SIGH, i have only 1 weeeeeek to piece every part together, play it smoothly, and MEMORISE it. ohmygod. im gonna die pretty soon. performance's 30may.

tomorrow monkeys asked me go play bball with the fdm guys, but i dont know how to play ball. so im giving it a miss. heh! sorrry laaaa. i'll meet u all for lunch or sth. i shall wake up early tml(i mean later) to do these:
1) jap discussion research
2) jap proposal
3) IRDD speech (in case mr wong calls me to present my drawings)

should be more than enough for a short morning. okay, time for bed. im friggggin tired. i keep dozing off on the bed and knocking my head on the windows >:[
bye everyone! no pictures yet. sorrrrry.

baby's graduating on 20may! (:
good thing for him, a little sad for me cause i wont be able to bump into him in school. nevertheless, im still happy to see him graduate. '
& now, we'll walk through the army life tgt.
love you:)