Monday, July 27, 2009

FUCKED UP SUE SC. this bitch teacher always like to log off our com when she's inside the classroom. and when we're still doing our work and going to save it. i shall tell u what i encountered. we were doing spln in the lab since 11plus and we continued through our lesson, which is until 2pm. so we drew alot of stuff alr, and its damn tedious. so this bitch SUE SC came in at 158pm and just log off all our com when we were all still saving our work. u know when we saw her stepping into the classroom, we all started saving our work. and as u know, system will hang abit. AND SHE FUCKING LOG OFF MY COM WHEN I HAVEN'T SAVE FINISH YET. FUCK HER LA! SHE THINK 3HRS OF REVIT VERY EASY AND FUN TO RE-DO HUH!!! wtffffffff!!! den my class guys and us started cursing and swearing at her, and she was like pointing finger at us and saying give matric card la. WTF, she's in the wrong can! fucked up bitch.

met baby later, and that made my day better. went over his place first, and that pig was still sleeping. waited for him to change and all and we headed to tm. wanted to catch 640pm movie, but we reached at 7pm, and only first 3 rows left -.- so we didn't watch movie in the end. zzzzz. went to find cake shop, walk ard, and sushi tei for dinner :D
i swear my idiot is really annoying yet funny. haha, he made my day happy. :D
im going to dig our photos out from his hp. heh! he's busy being absorbed into the new com game we bought just now. -.-

have a nice night everyone :D
im staying over tml, and i got new electronic toothbrush! heh heh heh! (: