Sunday, July 26, 2009

yay piano just ended! now gonna bathe and get ready to go concert :D
dad just brought good news! he's buying my camera soon soon soon! when i have the time to go choose my camera he'll get it for me then. and he just asked me and bro, which country better korea or perth? we said perth cus there nicer. haha. and dad say okay then, 23dec onwards keep yourselves free, we're going perth for a week for holiday during xmas. haha! YAY YAY YAY!!! dad says he'll make it a point that every xmas we will go overseas tgt as a family, cus we(family) rarely get to spend time tgt, so he say every xmas we'll go diff countries. heh heh!

and and and, sept im going bangkok with SC main com and baby as well! that's if he wants to go. haha. ohman, i gotta save up so much. dad says expenses a perth will be on our own. and bangkok expenses as well. i think dad will pay for my air ticket and accomodation in bangkok. SAVE MONEY NOW NOW NOW.:D toodles!