Saturday, July 25, 2009

HOLA! im super happy tday :D cus mummy's happy. haha, trueee! i spent half a day with her. haha

tday i rockclimbed. omg! my arms super pumped man! cus ytd wakeboard, den this morning my arms damn pumped and sore. cant stretch out properly also. so i climbed climbed, reached a point where i cant find any rocks, den i stayed there, and my arms got even more pumped, i dropped. and i slightly scraped my knees on the rockwall. how great. nevertheless, i got 12th position for womens cat. LOL.
then bathed blah blah, met mom at tm.

we spent almost the whole time at charles & keith. friggggin lots of ppl la. try one pair of heels must wait damn long. so in the end, i bought 3 pairs of heels, 1 shade and a new bag. cus my mom keeps complaining of my white bag whereby the skin is like torn. so we got a bag and she ask me to transfer my stuff over and threw the old bag away. awwww man, i never liked throwing my belongings away, though they're spoilt and all. then we had carls jr! cus mom's been saying its been ages since we last had that. yup, so basically mom and i bought hell lots of stuff, spent lots of money, but she's still happy, cus half of the day is spent with her. and and and, i didn't pick a quarrel with her throughout the day. hahhaa. =x

okay, i shall head to bed early. mom(and so does baby) wants me to sleep before 11pm tday, cus i've been sleeping real late recently. its 1115pm and i'll be hitting the sack now. piano class tml, and the musical concert as well. goodluck everyone!