Friday, July 24, 2009

OHYES!!! BLOGGER'S FINE ALREADY!!! finallllllyyyy! i've been dying to blog but my blogger seems to be down manxzzxz.

so its been 3 days since i last blogged. well, some days were cranky and upset, some were alright, and some were fun. haha. basically life now is all about project project and more projects. :( and and my course just changed name, into IFM; integrated facility management. goddamn it, they took away the design part and added in 3 electives which they can branch out into in yr2 (i guess), and these options are aviation management, hospitality and tourism, marketing. WTFFFFFFFFFFFF. can u imagine how pissed off i was when i heard this!!!! aviation and hospitality was what i wanted but couldn't get in (or rather didn't know i could get in) but didn't!!! and now the next batch of year1s get this REALLY GOOD DEAL!!! UGH, IM UBERLY PISSED OFF. this is so unfair!!!!! #$%&^%$!#$

and, i got fined for a piece of plastic bag which i was looking for. how lame and atrocious.

security quiz tday was a failure, but i think i secured a 4/20 marks though. well, better than 0/20 right. then went home to wait for furniture ppl and headed off for WAKEBOARDING!!! muhahahaa! zomg it super fun! i think im hooked on it already. initially i couldn't even squat, when the boat pulled me, i just fell forward when im hardly on the surface. then slowly i managed to grasp the technique and suddenly i stood up! HAHA! it was damn sudden, totally unexpected. so from there, i learnt how to stand and wake and go out diagonally and come back, ride on the waves etc. WOOOOHHOOOOO! im so gonna go wakeboarding again. but its damn effing ex! :(((((( my arms are sore now. but the feeling of standing on the board, with some water from the splashing waves, and the gush of wind in your hair, it felt so relaxing and cooling! the feel is really good when u're up there and waking. haha,no wonder ppl tell me its addictive.
will upload pictures when i get it (:

tomorrow is rockamania, its a rockclimbing event, a competition i think. sports club and adventure club gotta be there tml, and the sports club girls are all climbing. so yeah, i gotta climb tml. and look at my poor sore arms, i think i can barely grab a few tiles and i'll fall already. nevertheless, i'll try my best to go as high as i can. heh! after event, i'll be meeting mom & aunt to go shopping. mom's been pestering me to go charles and keith with her to buy heels and shades so we can spend abv 150bucks and get membership card. -.- righhhhttttt. free shopping trip, who doesn't want. HAHA!

sunday's UAN's the musical concert! i opted out of the performing crew cus i think i cant cope with all the rehearsals and my sch etc. yeah, so gonna watch their performance tml. its gonna end at 6ish, then gonna meet mom for idk what. maybe shopping or dinner? yup yup. this weekend's gonna be family week. cus next week its gonna be love's one. :)
hope you're recovering well, and i miss you super super tons!

my bank is depleting fast, i need cash right now now now!
some outdated pictures.

sharon and i on various occasions.

Jacq and i meetup (:

Sports Club AGM

our theme was Under 10! childhood days. hahaa. so everyone was dressing up like a kid :B
goodnight everyone! time to hit the sack and wake up at 6am tml morning. OHGAWD. :/
miss <3!