Tuesday, July 21, 2009

please support! it'll be created by me, im the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, marketing communication, committee member. LOL.

fucking phone stalker is back again. WTFFFFF. he kept calling me last time, during FOC time, then he didn't call alr. then recently i received a private no call so i answered, turns out its HIM again!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH. and he uses private no, and another registered number to call me. wtf wtf wtf wtf. grosssss piece of shiaaatttt!

staying over at jacq's house tonight. gonna stay up and do up my project, and meeting agenda etc for SC. tml's bonkers meeting with subcoms. gonna discuss hell loads with the planning committee of bonkers (aka amazing race). shittttt man, i can get squashed by my work load. but i wont let it defeat me! watch me! sorry gab zongli, cant help out with temasek league series.
ohyes, helped out league series tday. zomg i swear the soccer guys damn damn rough. the ball almost hit me donno how many time, cus im the score keeper and i have to be at the side of the "fence". yeahhhhhhhhhh.

tomorrrrrowwww jon & john wanna meet at 10am to do revit at space planning lab before class. ohmannn, it means i wont have any sleep tonight, cus i gota wake up at 8am. SIGH SIGH SIGH. after a long day, i cant get a long rest, and im off to an even longer and tiring day. how sad :(

on a lighter note, BABY'S BACK FROM HK!!!!!! yay!