Sunday, July 19, 2009

rise and shine, its sunday morning, 830am! :D

today's gonna be meetup meeetup meeeeetup with clique. cause we're celebrating mui's bday. finally that woman has time for us. haha. anyhows, happy 18th birthday mui! :) then im meeting ceying at 3 in town as well. hopefully this guy wont be late. after which, im either heading to gran's place or home to watch harry potter. hahaa!

yesterday was really fun manxzxz. met sharon, went sentosa, teenage fabtastic 4. saw plenty of familiar faces, UAN, sjc juniors, tp. muhaha. great job everyone! tell me who won okay? (: afterwards, went tanning, and it started to drizzle man! zzzz, must be baby cursing, hoping the rain would come so cant tan. haha! i wonder how is he doing, no news from him -.-
sooooooo aft tanning, bathed and changed and off to vivo for some slight walking around. as usual, walking around means buying sth. ohyes i bought stuff. haha! i bought a red back pack from new urban male!! WOOHOOO! u know the squishy squishy really really cute backpack? uhh huhhh, ,that's mine! i couldn't make up my mind on black or red, cus both are really pretty. NUM guy and sharon psycho me get red, and i got red! cause black's pretty boring anw... i psycho sharon to get red as well, since hers is the last piece. and wala, both of us got red backpack! yayness (:

walked around, didn't see any nice clothes. ohwait, i want to buy that white shorts from topshop. heh! another time luhhhh. got over to zara, and i bought a tdress there :D woooh, yay yay! then sharon and i started trying on uberly high 6inch heels. zomg, damn funny. and when i strapped on mine, woah,felt super tall man! then i went to the mirror, WOAH, my legs look super super super un-naturally long, no wonder everyone was looking (not to boast or what, but im serious!) HAHA!
went over to adidas cus sharon's supposed to meet her never-met-before friend, julius there. turns out, his picture looked nicer. sharon gave an excuse and we left him there. she went to meet xxx and i went to meet my teeeveee!(:

harry potter rocks my socks yo! there's harry potter as well tonight! IM SO COMING HOME TO WATCH IT.

LOL. miss you big guy! come back sooooon baby!