Saturday, July 11, 2009

hello earthlings(:

project is killing me. sports club project is killing me, the meetings and all.
i love jacq, for accompanying me this period to do stuff :D heh heh heh. secret secret. wooooooohooo, so egggciting!
tday did proj at aloy's house, cus he's helping me with some special stuff.. heeee. alot alot alot problems cropped up, on my com. damn damn annoying! frigggin pissed. tml chiong like there's no tomorrow. hahaa. hopefully nothing comes in my way or i'll start pulling my hair out. tml gonna do proj, write script for the whole group, study jap at the same time. ohmygod. im bound to faint and die.

pianooooo class is on tml, but i haven't even had the time to do my theory. after class straight away go aloy's house to continue on where i stopped tday.
i miss baby,he's overseas now. after he's back he's gonna leave again soon :( awwwwwwwwwwww, no one to accompany me, go out with me, talk to me... how sadddd :(

monday's gonna be HAVOCTIC!!! morning having photoshoot at like 655am. -.- to catch the sunrise in my photos. then going over school aft shoot, have class, aft class go for jap retest, aft that meeting with ceying for sportsclub proj, then home to continue writing script for my whole irdd group.

I LOVE MY NEW WARDROBE! ITS FREAKING SPACIOUS AND NICEEEEE! i swear im going to take photos of it and post it up. :D :D :D :D :D

byeeeeeee everyone!