Monday, July 13, 2009

its 945am! i just finished the entire IRDD presentation portals. we have 2 portals for presentation. one is ppt slides, the other one is xxxxx. secret! the xxx takes fcuking long to do. and i finally completed it! i didn't sleep last night and chionged it since morning. and now, im finally done with it. together with the ppt. and im halfway through writing the script for my group. muhahaha! feel so accomplished. and and, i wore my friggin contacts on the entire night.
now im going to study a little for my jap test later, and get ready to go school. i shall drink red bull instead of coffee. last night i think i had too much coffee until i had diarrhoea this morning. -.- so red bull shall give me wings and keep me awake throughout the day later. haha.