Thursday, July 16, 2009

OH YESSSSSS!!! HELL YEAH!!! IRDD PRESENTATION IS FINALLY OVER!!! MONTHS/WEEKS OF HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF(hopefully)!! omgggggggggg!! finally i can sleep peacefully without worrying bout IRDD. and yes, finally i can SLEEP! haven't been sleeping/sleeping alot for the past few weeks. oh yes yes yes yes yes!!!

today group and i met up at like 8am to touch up on our IRDD. den rehearsed and all. we had this really funny section of getting johnson to demo some muay thai moves cause our resort has muay thai academy. i think the audience liked that, could see that they laughed and enjoyed themselves, even mr wong! muahhaha! and! johnson didn't laugh! HAHA! we all thought he would laugh and all, but he didn't, instead all of us laughed. presentation went smoothly :D three cheers to everyone! :D :D :D :D :D :D we were all damn caught off guard at the last part. mr wong posed a qns to us on the spot and 1 rep from the 2 presenting groups tday had to ans and market yr product through that qns. i think we all learnt alot through this presentation. so damn happy! but our evaluation will be next week, cause mr wong had to go for meeting. -.- zzzzzz! we were all standing there, with pauline and i on our heels, listening to the other group's evaluation, then when they ended, mr wong had to leave. ohmannn. gotta wait till next thurs to hear our evaluation.

alrighttttty. after that went for sports club bi weekly training. and i was in my formal wear. haha! talked with andrea about blood fill heart. LOL! she damn cute, she's my alien and together we form monsters vs aliens. :D haha. ended our activity, went to club room. blah blah. waited for parents to fetch, went over to granny's place then to buy dinner.

and tday mom and i laughed alot. dont know why, like we just play. haha, long time since i last had lots of laughter with my parents. i was in a happy mood, and i automatically packed my room. dont know why, i usually dont. haha! but on the car and back at home talked and laughed alot, felt quite happy. maybe what mr wong said is true.
anywayyy, after IRDD presentation, it doesn't mean its the end of all projects! tml still got FLSM proj submission, monday space planning proj submission. OMGGGGGG. got lots of work to do. worse thing, spln need use 3D modelling, aka revit. wtffffffffffff. my com sure die if im gonna render the views.

kay, gonna do flsm and sleep early. like FINALLY. gooooodnight everyone!
baby's flyingggggggg tml. again. :/