Monday, July 06, 2009

powerhouse was jam packed last night! LOL. my feet was trampled on like nobody's business. but it was super fun. haha. stupid douglas and fren, melvin, came late den we were thinking how to get them in. heng melvin's fren fren in the queue infront so they cut alllll the way to the front. haha! damn funny, it was nearing 11pm. aft 11 no more free for tertiary student.
melvin brought a bottle of bacardi, so we went 7-11 buy big gulp, sit at sky garden the stairs there and drink. finished everything damn quickly. went back st james. clubbed. zzzzzzzz. saw clovie babe! :D her fren's having bday at vip room then she ask me go over. saw her on dancefloor. den got fight behind me, it was her frens. 1 guy push the other, den he punched him, and he hit until me. #$&*&^$!##%^% then my guys shout shout also, almost kena hit again. bouncers came. one of the girls like drunk and she wanna fight the bouncer. ahha, damn funny. clovie fierce siaaaaa!
met jacq's fren, this retarded shit. LOL. according to jacq. he treated us cranberry vodka(technically) and tequilla shots each. went back to our area on dancefloor. so throughout the night it was trips to the dancefloor and out to smoke. but songs were good, BUT, dj sucks, as in he keeps talking over the mic and i think its alwys like a tthe wrong time. like a atthe peak of the song, he'll suddenly say like "are u guys enjoying yourselves" etc etc. wahlau eh, spoil mood only. then he did promotional ad halfway through the song! HAHA! hilarious, but not funny lor, spoil the whole song. LOL.
supposed to finish club at like 6, but my legs cant take it alr, left at 4plus. peeeektures up soon! aft jacq posts them up. hurhur.

met family at gran's place for lunch and slack. went over to ikea to get my new wardrobe! MUAHHAHA! and we bought it, i think its arounddddd 1000plus? its like twice the size of my wardrobe yo! the best part is... it has 2 sliding doors, and 1 sliding door is a full sliding mirror itself yooo! im super super happppppy!!! the mirror is humongous! :D :D :D i'll take a picture for u guys to see when it arrives.
but the thing now is that i have to shift everything to a diff position. my study table has to be under the aircon. my shelf has to be beside the window. and that empty space of the study table, shelf and my current wardrobe will be taken up by my new wardrobe! LOL. and and and, i have to clear out all my clothes in my old wardrobe. so starting from tomorrow, i officially have no cupboard, and i have to stack my clothes on my parents master bed and bedroom. HAHA! cus no place no put. until my wardrobe arrives. which is only on fridayyyyy :( and i rush home aft sch to wait for the ppl to arrive and assemble it. then, i'll be rushing off for photoshoot. hope i can make it on time manxzxz.

okay, time for bed. this whole week is going to spell H-E-C-T-I-C for me. after missing out 1 week of school. HAHAHAHA! i secretly wish i get quarantined again. haha, NAHHHH, just kidddddinggg. nights everyone! i can finally sleep early, though its 130am. haha.
oh fcuk i just remembered again, there's jap makeup test and space planning test tml. shittttos, havent studied or touched anything. i think im bound to fail. wish me luck.