Monday, July 06, 2009

damnit. got sore throat. got to polyclinic, they found out i got sore throat, check my records, put me in this special quarantine area to see doc. doc actually gave me 1 week mc, cus i just finished quarantine, and i got some symptoms. but i said i dont want, cus i miss 1 week of school already. later i take another week, i cannot do project with my grp mates, get scolded, never attend class, miss out alot. so i took 2 days only. so tday and tml no school for me. but i'll be chionging IRDD at home. got alot alot alot alot to do. hopefully i recover by end of tues, if not my mc will be extended and can say goodbye to going school and doing proj with grp mates.
i feel damn bad la, everytime cant do proj with them cus being quarantined and now on mc. but on the other hand, im doing alot back at home, is just that they cant see it. yeah. i hope they'll understand and not think that im not doing anything and do things last min, which i dont.

my schedule for the entire week.
tml(actually): DSC AGM, individual part for proj
wed: jap presentation meeting, sports club official main com +some subcom meeting, individual part for proj
thurs: external meeting for sportsclub assignment, meeting fren to learn how to do master plan, individual part for proj
fri: rush home to wait for ikea ppl come assemble furniture, work, individual part for proj
sat: meeting fren do stuff related to proj
sun: piano, meeting fren do stuff related to proj

fuck, i got no life. my mom keeps complaining i sleep late and i keep grinding my teeth when i sleep(due to stress).
off to lyn's house to get com programme for IRDD. zzz. mom's gonna scold me, fancy going out now at 11pm.....

[edited]; 220am
oh crap, i just developed a very very very bad headache. its so bad until i feel like vomitting and like as if someone is drilling a BIG DRILL through my head from the back every second.