Monday, August 03, 2009

hello earthlings. today's a busy day. haven't been blogging for some time, been super busy. but i'll upload pictures soon! :D well, after blogger recovers. its still like spoilt, which makes me feel like shifting site. but well, for now i wont.

okay, so sat was baby's 21st bday celebration :D i surprised him in the morning! then went down tgt for bday celebration and i surprised him again with a superrrr nice cake :) thanks ben cheng for everything!! hope baby enjoyed his 21st bday celebration. will upload some pictures when i get it. haha.

todayyyy was super busy and annoying. rushed like hell in the morning, wore formal, went sch, presentation, got lectured by course manager, went for space planning for a few mins, went biz to eat with denise & pearlan, went saa book meeting room for bonkers meeting, walked to engine sch to meet proj mates, walked to lib cus they said they were there, took lift to L5 and found that they were not there, called jon and was feeling pissed cus its fcuking hot and tiring to walk in heels, long sleeves, carrying laptop and a heavy bag,went to L7, FINALLY saw grp mates, sat down and started doing proj, 2plus all the way to 6, went for jap listening test, totally gonna flunk everything cus i have no idea what they're talking about, went for jap role play rehearsals at 7pm, then took bus back to sharon's place. and tada, im here at sharon's house. gonna do spln rendering and proj management ppt slides at the same time.

tml i got proj management rehearsals at 11am, then the presentation at 4pm. in between i got a casting at macpherson between 1-3pm.then maybe irdd proj aft proj management presentation. GREAT, i have to run so many places.

ohyes, and do spln rendering at the same time. got until fri to print all the rendered views out, all on 5 pieces of A1 sized photo. so we gotta place the views carefully on the A1 size and print everything out nicely. DAMN! its gonna be costly. one piece cost over 10bucks man! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my projs. money suckers!

kayyyyyyyyyyyy, i'll go do proj management. byeeeeeeeeee.