Tuesday, August 04, 2009


ohhh,i think blogger likes the school com. haha. life sucks man.

stayed over at sharon's house last night. did proj management slides and rendered my revit images at the same time, on 2 diff coms. finished ppt slides at 4am. went to sleep. woke up like 1hour plus to save the rendered image and render another image den went back to sleep. woke up again to save and render and back to bed. so technically, my sleep wasn't proper. went home to get charger, bathe and change. causeeeeee, my bloody aunt decided to visit me ytd and as usual, cramps etc etc. gotta get home to get the necessities. popped some pills and rested. then set off for school.
reached spln lab, did proj management touch up, left at 1plus, went to casting place, cabbed back school. the cabby damn nice. cause i was complaining the traffic damn slow so i wanted him to pull over at busstop den i just take bus to sch. den he said "u not enough money huh?" den i was thinking, just say yes la, den cheaper fare. LOL. and so my total fare back to school was 10plus, but he quoted me 6bucks only. LOLLLL! nice cabby yo!

went over SAA to get my matric card, draw out some Dnd pictures(not done yet), returned my matric card to SAA, went off for proj management presentation. presentation was crappy, we talk cock, tcher believe. haha. funny but nice man.

now, gonna wait for wendy to finish her presentation then we'll do irdd proj. this whole week is all about projs man. and rendering of revit. damnit.
-last presentation to go... FLSM!!!!! eh aircon got presentation anot huh? or over alr??? shit man, i cant rmb.
-last 2nd major submission, spaceplanning rendering and printing of A1 photos
-agenda drafting for bonkers meeting
-bonkers meeting on thurs
-getting clothes samples and compare prices and quality
-meeting sponsors
-do projects
-JAP ROLE PLAY TOMORROW! (this determines if i pass or fail jap)
-work (if i get it)
stress to the max man!
i want to stop being seeing my loved one angry, angry over my stupid mistakes. i want to stop making them. i want to bring happiness. i want to slap myself at times. i want to stop using sorrys to my loved one. im sorry baby.

A million apologies still cant express my guilt
im sorry.