Saturday, August 29, 2009

i hate blogger. im gonna consider shifting to livejournal. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. this suckssssss. anywayyy, on a lighter note. EXAMS ARE O-V-E-RRRRRRRRRR!!! muhahaha! and even so i can feel a supp paper coming, but ohwells, i pray and hope i dont get it. heh.

tday im gonna go SJC's carnival. HAAH! take it as a form of class reunion and catch with everyone. :) :) :) yay! and clubbing tonight! :D there's gonna be lotsa ppl i know tonight. must take photos. haha! and my schedule for the 1st week of hols are filled up already :D

sunday- piano, shopping with family
monday- photoshoot meetup, shopping+town with xiangluan, staying over at XL's house to chiong bonkers ppt slides for presentation -.- yesssss, see we're working so hard on our SC proj! HAHA!must make Bonkers a success!
tues- test shoot with photog, movie+dinner+outing+catchup date with my AIN darling! omgggg i miss her sooo much!
wed- hair dye session at 10am, out with BBBBBBB! :D
thurs- movie outing with sports club
fri- i cant remember.

HAHA. busy month. gonna chiong for my sports club project already. memos memos and more memos. how interesting! but this holiday, i want to meetup with all my friends whom i haven't seen for the longest time ever. :D and ofcourse, with almighty BBBBBBBBB :D

(p.s. sorry for no photos, blogger doesn't allow me)