Thursday, September 17, 2009

heyho! updatesssssss.

wed went butterfactory and was hot to the maxxxxxx man! haha. ohwait, first i went out with jinxian, my mate from UAN :) had dinner and shopping. supposed to go casting but didn't go in the end. haha. met his slowpoke fren, aden, at citylink. met celeste, who thought we came from JB, and walked to butter tgt. reached at 10pm, queue was fucccckkkkinggg long man! worse, the guys queued at our queue, thinking it was a shared entry queue. den we saw the sign that says ladies, and cover charge. HAHA! so the cover charge queue was filled with tons of hot guys and my guys had to go rightttttt at the back. hahaha! met the ruggers. got my guy frens in straight away, cause doug and rest know bouncer. heh heh. it rocks to have connections around :B
went straight to fash for drinks, had 2 tables. god! we chiong drinks like mad. one round i drink 4 cups, and i had many rounds. we keep cutting queue, cus we hav ppl inside the queue. damn funny! this guy and his fren sat at our table, cus we were all queueing for drinks and we only had 1 guy at the table to "book" our table. then that guy and his frens thought that it wasn't occupied, so he set his drinks down and left to get more. when doug and us got back, the guy wasn't there, but his load of drinks were. sooooo we just drink only. we finished like 10plus cups of his. then he returned and i was there alone with celeste. he demanded for his drinks back cus he saw us drinking, den i act blur and said i check with the guys. haha, and we never gave him an answer. HAHA! damn funny can! stupid lucien keep making me tar with him.
went over the dancefloor when everyone was high and drunk. lalalalalalalala. butter fact definitely had my vomit at the corner chairs and staircase :B whoooopsy. dancefloor was happening man. hahaha! what happens in the club, stays in the club. :]

crashed at glenda's place last min. her doggggie was a roarrrr! hahaha. kept scratching the door when glenda was doing her project. then she slept with me for awhile and she thought that she sleepwalked to her com and off her apps. HAHA! that's funny but scary. went off at 10plus, bought breakfast and bummed at home. i need my recouperation period. sorry dork cant accompany u.
had text convo with adam twinnie. awww man, i miss this guy so much! i still rmb we had study session tgt at ngee ann poly then he went for his exams. hahaha! we gotta hang out soon when u're not so busy with yr internship and your canoepolo. HAHA! i guess dinner soonish yeah :)
thurs i stayed at home to recouperate and recover. spent almost the whole day sleeping or watching gossipgirl. HAHA!

friday.... oh! went to collect my f1 costume at cricket club. i chose a black white patches dress instead of a long sleeved top, with matching shorts that reveals midriff. i scared later very hot, cus long sleeved man! HAHA! if its short sleeves, i confirm choose that. okay, then went back school for meeting. left at 730, went for work. i was damn damn late luh! got nagged and lalalalala. drank friggggin lots of pravda vodka. hahaa. met nice people at work. cabbed home at 1/2plus :)

the new premium vodka! :)

saturday I FINALLY MET UP WITH TWINNIE. caught i love you beth cooper. haha! it was funny, but ok ok lahhhhh. like what everyone else says. so yeah. walked around town. twin had family dinner, just nice i have dinner appt as well, so we left town tgt :)

try spotting twin in his canoe polo game :D

sunday was hols! had no piano. hurray! i took a record breaking time of 30min to get out of bed, bathe, pick clothes, change, pack bag and get out of house. woohoo! went over granny's, picked her up and some alcohol stash. had red wine, martell, baileys. check out the alcohol stash man, its like HEAVEN!

hahaah! went over to botanic garden, dropped bro off for his friend's wedding. it was on the papers, the "I DO" wedding ceremony, cus that date was 20.09.2009. went ion shopping and had tea break. picked bro up again in the evening and dinnerrrrr :) i miss furama hotel's restaurant food :D

monday which is today is a pretty slack day. went for a swim at 10plus. frigggggin lotsa ppl manxzx! I HATE NOISY CRYING KIDS. gets on my nerves. met photog at compass to discuss our next shoot and lunch treat at pizzahut from him! muhahaha. anw, gonna go msia's waterfall and do underwater shoot before school reopens. heh heh! and im gonna spend a getaway there. relax at spa and do some snorkelling and tanning.

tomorrow and wed is sports club subcom camp-trial camp. staying over sharon's house, cause wed after camp im going BUTTER again! muhahahaa! yay yay yay!! this time no getting wasted. seeyou guys soon! this is a longgggg post. more photos coming up! stay tuned. :)