Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AHHHHHH. i hate school. i hate studying. i hate exams. i hate having to pull your GPA up when you know u're somewhere at the bottom.

today we just had a brain-wrecking meeting with raymond for my bonkers project. xl and i came up with a revised date for our bonkers event date. now we gotta call for meeting with our subcoms and the P10 to inform them on our progression and stuff. yupppp. BUT! the thing is, we're having a trial camp, a pre-prelude before the real bonkers starts, and it is totally necessary. anddddd, our dry run camp is on 8-11 march, which is 1 day before supp paper! GREAT. now i must must make sure i dont get any supp paper next sem, or else im screwed up big time. i have my responsibility in this proj cus im the organiser, and i cant screw my exams up, or else i'll be screwing everything up. im like on the verge of getting a supp this sem, so i better pray hard i dont screw anything up next sem. crapppp, the pressure is on for me to do well (well enough to NOT get a supp)

i hate working under pressure.

i need to relieve stress..... tomorrow BUTTER! yesssssshhhhh. and we're celebrating ivan's 18th bday as well! you can finally club legally. hahaa!

i wish for time to stop right now.
when im doing nothing, except watching gossip girl,
and not worrying about anything else.......