by - September 24, 2009

i swear im the nicest person around :)

on wednesday, met xiangluan, haroz and his climbing frens at nikesingapore @ 830am!!! OMGGG. we were like 16th out of 500 in the queue. the queue was FRIGGGGGGGGGGIN long. i pity those ppl standing under hot sun. haha. so we waited until 11 when they opened the registration. meanwhile haroz kept crapping and xl was like "-.- he's like that". the whole registration looked like some lanshop gaming laaa! HAHA! while on standby to go to the station to register, one of the guys working there talked to me. kinda scared me.

guy: hey, u're jeremy's fren right?
me: huh? which jeremy?
guy: jeremy teo
me: oh, yeah i am. how u know?
guy: i saw you at powerhouse with him on one of the saturdays. i know jeremy.
me: orhhh. i seeee. but u can rmb me?
guy: yeah, yr name is jasmine right?
me: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

wowwww. that's scary but impressive. i didn't even talked to him on my clubbing nights, i didn't even know he existed. hurhur. whoops. so aft registration, head to foodrepublic and had lunch. walked around, went tiongbahru with xl to meet serena and collect their pay. the person wasn't there yet, and required at least another 30min to get down. serena had work so she left first. LUCKY i was there to accompany xl. watched la pi xiao xin on my itouch to kill time. then we aw the lady with the cheque books andddddddd NIGEL!!!!! hahaha! AC's nigel. ZOMG. that time he was saying he's interning at tiongbahru, we all never thought that he would be interning there! at the very company we're collecting pay. hahaha! :)

lalalalala, slept on the train to east, xl says im like a pig. hahaha! went school, actually wanted to gym, but alot ruggers inside, all so big sized. i went bedok reservoir for a run instead. trained back hougang *miscommunication along the way*, bathed, changed and head for butter.
met paddy and celeste and walked to butter. got in right away aft meeting doug & co. met cindy & co inside butter. IVAN'S BDAY! hhahaa. so we queued for drinks, cut here and there, got alot of drinks, and we played games. hahaa! jon and cindy were the drunkiest of all. yay! ivan was nearly there. HAHAHA! hit the dancefloor! woahhh, long long story. and once again, what happens in the club stays in the club. my legs muscles were aching nearing the end of clubbing. everyone thought i was mad to run 5km den go club. HAHA! ate hokkien mee and lime juice at 4/5am -.-

todayyyyy. met glenda at town. bought my boots! :D bumped into chelsie, melvin, dom, hongkeat at cine. :) i misssss them, esp chelsie and melvin. super long nv see them alr! had food at kofu and trained home. looked for hair treatment salon, then to library! its been like a year since i last stepped into a library to borrow books man! HAHA!

my mom and dad are super mean!!!!! they're going to dine at restaurant overlooking the f1 track this year! DAMNIT!!!!! and they still can ask me "eh u want to watch with us anot huh? ohya, u working hor. cannot watch. aiayaaaaa wasted" ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! i also wantttttt! last year i was working, this year im also working, and this year they're watching. not fair not fair not fair!!! :( :( :(

okay, time to hit the sacks. f1 tomorrow! and i have no friggin idea where is that building i h$ave to collect my race pass from. -.- must go early. heng i only start work at 4pm. HAHAAH! toodles everyone! pictures up soon, i promise :)

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