Sunday, September 13, 2009

its over.
i had so much i wanted to say,
so many things to talk to you and clear things up
but i never got the chance to do so.
i think somehow you(or maybe we) changed.
i just hope i'll get a clear explanation
when i saw those words, i was waiting for my turn to go for casting.
can you imagine the level of fake smile i had to put on my face,
and see your modelling fren there as well...

well, i hoped that at that point of time,
i was strong.
even though friends around me thought they would react greatly if they received that.
anyway, i hope for the best to the two of us,
and i wonder how am i going to break the news to my parents.

its fucking 6am and im blogging now. just came home from clubbing, and i felt that i needed to say these out if not i cant sleep in peace....
goodnight to you, wherever in the world you are at now.