Wednesday, September 02, 2009

what do you term the RIGHT thing to do? sometimes it gets me puzzled.

anw i have a new head. went to do colouringat hoyu. the hairstylist bleached my fringe, dyed my upper dark part of the hair a lighter shade, highlighted my fringe, dyed my whole head again a brown colour. say hello to super damaged hair, but like-no-diff kind-of-coloured-hair. HAHA! i swear im going back there soon, and this time i will get a difference! i want highlights and a lighter base colour :]

tomorrow's sports club meeting. im doing editing for bonkers ppt slides, gotta add in lots of things and edit the layout. zzzzzzzzzzzz. think im going to wake up early in the morning and continue doing it before meeting.

on a happier note, i'll be earning money this hols. :D :D :D :D
1) im working for F1, for modelling :D :D :D ohyeahhh
2) i just got selected for a model in super import night. OMG, u know how good and rare this chance is? goshh, im so darn happy! if you dont know what is super import night, this is the web
this is a great chance to expand my portfolio and widen my modelling network. i hope i can achieve something good in the future :)

might be going clubbing on sat again. clear away troubles and thoughts.

what does a promise means?