Monday, October 19, 2009

first day of school is a total bore and waste of time. however... today is an epic day! i shall bring you through the details....

first, i overslept, then i made johnson & jonathan wait for me at the busstop for like 20min. heh heh. whooooops. then we finally got our asses to sch after going tamp central and business sch. so 15min after we sat down, class ended. horray. BUTTTTTTT. tcher said attraction management tutorial is cancelled for the week. and so happens, our next class is that tut. so we've got no class! then its 3hrs to the next lec, and 5hrs to the next tut. juihsin,wj and johnson went tamp central first while jon and i waited for ivan to end his class. retarded ivan said his class is INTRO only, ended up we waited 3hrs for him. headed down to ikea with cindy,ivan and jon for lunch and some walking around. while camwhoring, smart me turned my icecream cone upside down, and the whole thing dropped onto the travellator. HAHA! laughed like crazyyy asses over there. cabbed back to sch afterwards cus weather damn hot. got to sch, received a call that the next tut is cancelled. WOW! we hav no more class already. and we came sch for a 15min class which we slept through. GREAT.
thennnn, we went to mensa to find ivan's waterpolo team mates. and my slipper had to break! actually it broke 3 times tday(while i was in sch). -.- friggggin retarded. i scotchtaped it back but it came off, i scotch taped it at ikea again, and it dropped off at mensa. and so, we bought superglue at bookshop. all of us didn't know how to glue shoe, so ended up, the wonder super glue got onto jon and my hands and we had burning sensation for some time and corroded skin. GREATTTTTTT. then he threw my slipper in the sun to dry the glue. so many ppl walk past and looked at it. damn paiseh i swear! and end of epic part. my slipper never came off. wonder super glue really works!
thanksssss jon! :D went to find stanley, ivan went with his waterpolo frens to the pool to prepare for the PO-LITE game later. headed down to pool at 5 with jon & stanley for the WP game. wooo, nice interesting game :D i like waterpolo yo! hahaha.
ivan, i shall see you marking NP's no.2 next year! WORK HARD HARD HARD!!!! swim like tornado hor!
some outdated photosssss.
dearest xiangluan stayover at my place to discuss bonkers! hahaha
loveeeee youuu. check out nerdy us! HAHAH! CUTEEEE RIGHT!

that's my formal wear. HAHA! and yes i've got 2 wardrobes in my room. HAHA!

Heels day out & Ugly Truth! (i dont hav all the photos)
YAY! dad just booked holiday to Korea for the whole family on dec 22-27. yayyyyy, im sooooooo looking forward to skiing and lotsa snow acitivities! and turkeyyyyy xmas spread for christmas celebration :D :D :D :D just nice right before school starts again. i'll be damn shag laaaaa. im flying off on the night of 22nd, and im returning on the night of 27th. hurhurhur. and i start sch at 9am. greattttttt.

i may seem mean or cold to you, but i still must do it,
for the better of things...