Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hello earthlings, the sky is blue, the grass is green. what's new? HAHA! ytd i made up a story using song names while waiting for that pig ivan to finish his inner and come back to talk to me. zzzzzz.

today is a self proclaimed no school day. yay! slept till 9 (whats the diff man) and im going to meet ivan later to see his WINNIE! his toy poodle dog i mean. haha! so damn cute! then heading to farrer park to collect my clothes that i bought online and off to citylink to meet cindy. then then going newurbanmale find chester and and buy buy buy stufff. hahaha. thennnn, going back sch at 3plus for my cds tut.. ahh go see who are my classmates den zao already. thennn go swim pool find ivan and waterpolo ppl... then changeeeeeee and go off. and where we're going? BUTTER FACTORY!!!! yesss again. haha. and tml is a YES SCHOOL DAY. we're all gonna be zombie to sch on thurs, everyone agreed. hahaha. this is gonna be fun. everyone's gonna be drunk. first one i target is cindy and jon. HAHAHA! they drunk alr damn funny. but i better make sure we keep cindy's belongings away. looooollll! then again, we all said that this may be the last time we're going clubbing on a sch day tgt cus aft that we're not sure if we're gna be busy with proj and all.... so yeah, tonight is the night to party all out, and lots of fdmers are going tgt :) yayyyyy!

okayyyyyyyyy. cindy i want photossss of ikeaaaaaa! :D :D :D :D kay goinggg offfff nowwww, later ivan nag at me. toodles :D