Sunday, October 25, 2009

ALOHA FOLKS! updates on the way!

butter fact photos on wed. hurhur. a couple only lahhh, the rest still with suqin. xiaojie, i want the dont know how many weeks ago butter photos as wellllll. :D

desmon, jonnyboy, douglas. plus MEEEEEEE! that's like our usual spot for drinking. machiam become our regular table. hahaha!

SHAH DUCKY LOVEEEEE! finally we clubbed tgt aft saying so long. now is twin's turn to club tgt with me. that silly boy is so caught up with his SIP and canoepolo. tsk tsk.
peace be with you (:


no tutorial cus i managed to ask mr cheng not to have tutorial. HAHA! rested at home, didn't go out with cindy & co, sorry pals, wasn't feeling too good. then in the evening, headed over to fel's legal 18th bday party! the theme was geeky, but none of us really dressed to the theme. HAHA! but i did hav geeky specs!

Mr lionel!
poor bday girl dot dunked into the pooool. SJCians and DEYIans unite! :D
finally legal!!!!! and check out cindy with all 3 of our specs decked onto her. HAHA! cool ain't it?

nerdy kids in the house yo!
celeste, chye, sandy, cindy. ALL C EXCEPT SANDY! hahaha! and us again! with an additional black member. HAHA!
clubbing buddies (:

i friggin woke up at 445am, just to run nike humanrace. though my timing wasn't as good as my standchart one, but considering the fact that im still sick and on medication and having cramps at the same time, i completed the marathon in 1hour 3min... still okay lahhhh. but worst than last year's timing. i must improve and train hard for my next 21km marathon. my right knee is hurting and my muscles feel tightened. HURHUR. shall show u the poloraid xl and i took.. when i scan it in.

went out home to sleep then out with pig. bought num slippers and i went to find my boots for winter wear at korea. -.- yeahhh mom wanted me to go find. and i found one quite nice. tried it on, not bad, gonna bring mom go see it one day. window shopped around, this really really cute pack of xmas card caught my eyes! *gleammms* gonna buy it and send it out before i leave for korea. :D

i woke up at like 730am?! got woken up by lovelyn's call. was supposed to be up by 7. heh. went for my promotional shoot for the movie production im doing. cant reveal much though, movie not up yet. will be done at like next year???? hahaha! keep u all in suspense. but will be tiring lahhhh. i gotta learn so many new things and take time out to shoot. zzzzz.
piano tcher arranged for me to take my practical and theory tgt next march. gotta drill like siao starting from now. no one ever takes practical and theory tgt, its too much to handle. but i got no choice, if i dont take theory now, i must wait till sept. by then i might be having internship, so better do both in march... here's oneeeeeeeee photo from my shoot to end tday's post. nights everyone! class at 9am tml.
&& good luck to the ruggers! PLAY YOUR BEST AGAINST ITE, and we'll seeyou on thurs against RP.

punch, smack, roll eyes.
brightens up my day :D
balllllllls, all the way! :)