Monday, October 26, 2009

well, im not always an angelic person
im sorry if i caused you any sorrows, misery and everything else.
i think i'll be just a friend,
i believe its better like this.
school was fine tday, rather slack. skipped lots of classes as usual, im just not interested you see. lunched at biz with clique, was supposed to meet ivan, but i had to go class and he's with his mates. crashed stanley's mtn lec for a couple of mins, all guys mannn! no wonder this guy here doesn't like to go class. did some stupid lighting work during lab. went to tennis court to find dalton! my dear old tru cum rp tennis boy. :D accompanied him to eat then met chris to hav my orgcom tb and home tgt. bumped into stanley & jon, went tm then home tgt :)
tml's gonna be a even more slack day. LOA whole day! since my class's from 10-1. got the i cool exercise thing. then im gna go stanley's lec then prolly meet xl aftwards for bonkers. thennnn gym gym in the evening with chris & stanley. :D
hopefully i get to see winnie in the night! i miss her so muchhhhh, right pig!:D :D :D :D :D
time for bed and phonecall from winnie. toodles!<3