Thursday, October 29, 2009


yay!!! just came home from their match at RP. phewwww, we (sports club) were like screaming on the top of our voices, tgt with SU subcoms. rugby's soooo exciting! and i specifically remember one try. the first try that was scored (:
for some, it is their last PO-LITE match before they graduate. i guess this is the best present to them. but im sure i'll have more rugby matches to look forward to :]

tomorrow's an early and short school day for me again. start at 8, end at 11am. then then im going home and out in the evening. gonna catch a movieeeee :) i hate orgcom, the tcher damn guai lan. i have 2 late/absent already, one more time and i get an ungraded pass. greattttttt. and orgcom is 8am class on wed. how super fcuking nice.
and my CM doesn't want to return my calls or pick up my phone calls. i've been trying to get him ever since thurs but he hasn't been picking up. damn, need to change my cds class or else i cant join back triathlon....
kay, time for bed. i must wake up on time tomorrow. night.
the last photo in my cam is <3